Dan Wallach Daniel M. Wallach, age 50, is our Chief Executive Officer and one of our Managers. He has been in the housing industry since 1985. He was the CFO of 84 Lumber Company, a multi-billion dollar supplier of building materials to home builders for eleven years. He also was responsible for that company’s lending business for twenty years. During those years, he was responsible for the creation and implementation of many secured lending programs to builders. Some of these were done fully by that company, and some were done in partnership with banks. In general, the creation of all loans, and the resolution of defaulted loans, was his responsibility whether the loans were company loans or loans in partnership with banks. Through these programs, he was responsible for the creation of approximately $2,000,000,000 in loans which generated interest spread after deducting for loan losses of approximately $50,000,000. Through the years, he managed the development of systems for reducing and managing the risks and losses on defaulted loans. Mr. Wallach also was responsible for that company’s unsecured debt to builders, which reached over $300,000,000 at its peak. He also gained experience in securing defaulted unsecured debt at that company.