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Construction/Builder Spec Loans

Shepherd’s Finance prides itself on the personal attention that each and every customer has. Our owner Daniel M. Wallach, personally meets with every new client. Plus, your personal and dedicated representative is there from you to beginning to end. They are experts on your project, its progress and how to best help you.

In 2013, Dan Wallach and his wife Joyce made the decision to convert Shepherd’s Finance, LLC into a company that would raise capital by selling notes to the public and use that capital to provide construction loans to small to mid-size builders. We realized there was a market niche where banks had pretty much abandoned the smaller builders, and we had the ability to fill the need. The large builder has the ability to build spec houses and has inventory, whereas the smaller builders can’t compete with that because they either don’t have any spec inventory or don’t have enough.

Since we entered the market, we’ve closed well over 700 loans and provided our builders with almost $200 million in capital to build new homes and acquire/complete fix & flip projects. One of the primary reasons for our success is that we’ve assembled a team that has 100+ years of construction finance experience. That experience wasn’t all gained independently. Our team at Shepherd’s Finance has been working together to provide builders construction loans for decades. That combination of experience and cohesiveness allows us to provide our builders with the best borrowing experience in the market today.

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