Frequently Asked Questions

We interviewed some of our customers about their experience with Shepherd’s Finance. Here is what they had to say:


Grow your Sales

How did Shepherd's Finance help you grow your sales?

Fair Loan Amounts

Who picked your appraiser?

Save Time

How long did it take you to fill out an application?

How long did it take from application to approval?

How long did it take from approval to closing?

How does Shepherd's Finance compare to a bank in terms of speed?

How does the knowledge and skill of the Shepherd's Finance staff compare to that of a bank?

Cash Flow

How long does it takes Shepherd's to pay your Subcontractors?

How much money do you need to come to closing with?

How difficult is it to get your deposit back?

Why Shepherd’s Finance?

If Shepherd's Finance Costs more than a bank, why do you use them?

How was your experience with the staff of Shepherd's Finance?